A lively breed of dog who loves to play, Cocker Spaniels are known for being 'happy' dogs, mainly down to the fact that their tails are always wagging! Originally the Cocker Spaniel was bred as a gun dog, however they are also very popular family pets. 
Cockers are people-oriented dogs who love company. They’re extremely adaptable and can suit city living or country living. 

What is a working cocker? 

When compared to their show-dog cousins, working cocker spaniels are leaner, stronger and more lively. They’re also loyal, friendly and highly intelligent, which is why working cockers have been popular hunting dogs for generations. In fact, their very name comes from this attribute, as they were originally bred to hunt woodcock. 
Working cockers are also popular with the police as sniffer dogs due to their keen sense of smell and always being willing to please their owners. They’re true workers through and through, although they are of course also a very popular choice with individuals and families who are looking for a warm, energetic and inquisitive pet. This makes working cockers the ideal choice for all kinds of households, as they’re a highly adaptive breed that will instantly become part of the family. 
Take a look at our Cocker Spaniel gallery to see some of our previous litters as well as photos from new owners. 
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